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Die Oog

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Die Oog is a conservation area and comprises four distinct but integrated, surviving bio diverse areas.

The Dam fills in winter, often to overflowing and the water levels fall in summer. There is a small artificial island that was built of ironstone 100 years ago.

The surrounding grassland contains shrubs and trees that provide habitat for birds. The banks of the dam consist of reeds and plants that provide valuable cover for water birds. The area has paths, benches and viewpoints of the dam and is intended for quiet recreation.

The granite fynbos area is situated on the eastern boundary of Die Oog and has been staked off for conservation.

The seasonal wetland below the dam wall extends down to the Keyser river and is a sanctuary for birds and amphibia.

Die Oog belongs to the City of Cape Town, is currently designated as a Conservation Area and is included in the City of Cape Town Nature Reserves Handbook.

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