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Education programme at Die Oog

In their efforts to publicise this "Gem of Bergvliet", an asset that is surprisingly little known, the Friends of Die Oog are encouraging visits by schools. Friends committee member Pauline Pearce, a former headmistress, has devised entertaining questionnaires and informative worksheets appropriate to Grades 2 to 5.

This programme is very much "work in progress" and task sheets for older and younger children are being planned.


  • To raise awareness of the unique qualities of Die Oog
  • To introduce children to the bio-diversity of the area
  • To introduce them to bird identification
  • To encourage them to read efficiently for information
  • To enlist them in the protection and care of such sites
  • To raise interest and inform visitors about the site


  • Structured school visits of around 2 hours which include a talk on the background history of Die Oog. Then the children are set four tasks: A bird identification sheet to fill in, a "detective" quest sheet to fill in, a treasure map on which to record their findings and a drawing exercise. The ideal age group for the present level of tasks is from Grades 3 to 5.
  • In addition to 2 permanent notice boards, the leopard toad cycle and the wetland information, we constantly update a large double sided board with photographs and information on the fauna and flora at Die Oog.


    Bergvliet Primary visits

In March the three Grade 4 classes from Bergvliet Primary visited Die Oog on separate days. The children engaged very well with the tasks and so did the parents who accompanied them! One group is seen here with their teacher, Miss Pritchard. They enjoyed their worksheets and asked many interesting questions. They were excited to discover such a special place so close to home as many did not know of the existence of Die Oog and they have promised to return regularly. A highlight of the visit was watching the parent dabchicks teaching their chicks to dive.


    Western Province Preparatory and Herschel school visits

Pauline had the first visit of fifty Western Province Prep Grade 4 boys in early September 2008. The Herschel pupils visited Die Oog in October 2008. The events engendered enormous interest and enthusiasm among pupils and parents, several of whom have joined the Friends and visited Die Oog regularly since. The Western Province Preparatory (Wetpups) boys washed cars and made and sold muffins to raise their contributions.

Pauline will be in touch with other local schools for further visits. The children are encouraged to raise funds for the preservation of Die Oog.