Hello Everyone

What a blessing it has been to see some really good rainfall again. I had almost forgotten what it sounded like to hear really heavy rain bucketing down. Let’s all hope and pray that it continues throughout the rest of winter and that Die Oog fills up completely.

There is already probably enough water for the WLToads to breed successfully this year and it is quite appropriate to have Alison Faraday from the “Toad Nuts” as our guest speaker at this year’s AGM on the 13th August meeting at the Meadowridge library at 17:30. Funding from CCC has dried up completely and our weekly gardener will have to be stood down if we run out of funds, so please can we make a special appeal for everyone to renew their membership.

Snapscan donations

We have also managed to register and get SnapScan working and have put SnapScan images on the donation box and on the inside of the gate, so all you have to do is point your cell phone at the image with camera mode on and it automatically allows you to make a donation for any amount that you like! (if you have loaded the SnapScan app onto your phone). The poster announcing the AGM with the bank details will be attached to this newsletter.

Tad’s Tale

We will also be selling notelets and copies of a book called Tad’s Tale by Aileen Edwards and Judy Mare ( at a special reduced price ) to raise funds so please bring some extra cash with you as these will make fabulous presents for your grandchildren!

New fencing

You will probably have noticed the new ranch style fencing in the Bio-Diversity area as well as the pathway through. We are hoping to do some replanting and also get signage up as funds permit.

We lost two trees in the storms and another due to the drought and CCC have promised to have three new trees planted for Arbour week. The brick paving is a bit uneven due to moles and ants but CCC have promised to repair it soon, please be careful walking on the paving in the interim.
Work is progressing on the upgrading of the external fence on the Western boundary with some palisade fencing that has been sourced and the plan is to extend this up along the Southern boundary to where the houses begin and once this is completed it should be a far better barrier to undesirables breaking in at this section. Space has been left for small animals to get through underneath.

weaver bird sitting on tree branch

Weaver birds

The Cape Weavers have arrived and are very busy repairing nests and building new ones and we have had some wonderful photos taken and
posted on our Facebook page, so please visit it and “like” them. Unfortunately with the drought, we lost all six of the Grass Eating Carp so it will be interesting to see if there is a noticeable difference in the aquatic weed growth without them there.

In Closing

Hopefully we will have a wonderful showing of spring flowers with the good rains that we have been having and let’s keep a look out for our friends the Toads who should start making an appearance around the middle of August.

See you all at the AGM. Warm regards, Mark & Anne