The dam is visited by many species of animals, as well as being home to birds, frogs, and other wildlife.
The flora is also magnificent throughout Die Oog. 

There are many animals and plants found in & around the dam

Thanks to the high biodiversity of the Cape’s vegetation, our back garden is home to a variety of fascinating creatures – from chirping birds to chequered tortoises. Each species in Die Oog has made a home for themselves here and watching them live together in harmony is magical. 

During spring and summer, indigenous marsh/helmeted terrapins can be seen sunning themselves on the rocks at the waters edge on the island. Die Oog is also home to two male angulate tortoises. Occasionally you may glimpse a Cape Dwarf chameleon or large, harmless mole snake. 

A water mongoose has taken up residence in the conservation area. In late summer you may be fortunate to see footprints at the water’s edge of the Cape clawless otter. Digging, especially around arum lilies is evidence of the nocturnal foraging of porcupines that visit Die Oog from the linking greenbelt system, particularly during autumn. 

Seen anything interesting? Please send us photos, we’d love to see it!